Monday, 19 November 2012

Simpsons did it

Butters Stotch (Photo credit: Yuxuan.fishy.Wang)
I’ve been working on a little generic sci-fi story recently. It’s been fun. But I do keep worrying that I’m going to cross to far into one or the other of the major sci-fi series’ zones.
It reminded me of a good South Park episode. Where Butters keeps coming up with plans that have already been done in the Simpsons:

In my case though it’s not Simpsons did it, but Star Trek did it. It’s really hard not to be similar to any Star Trek stories. I mean there are how many episodes? Over how many series?
I’m not going to care too much about it. I’m just writing it for fun. But it is something that I do keep thinking about and try to avoid.

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