Saturday, 1 December 2012

Penwinnard Story

A friend of mine has released some books. Worth checking them out:

Penwinnard Storybooks

A boy is discovered walking on a country road. He is injured, exhausted, lost and alone. He refuses to tell what happened to him, and the name he gives matches no records. But he tells a story, a story of routine kidnaps, murders, and abuse. It wasn't him, though - he was never there. ‘Someone’ had told him about it. This is the story of Bob, who would never again be called Angel. Ian Mackender is the manager of Penwinnard Boys' Home. He knows his boys, he knows the good and bad of them. He understands them better than they understand themselves. But this new one? He doesn’t understand Bob. When the story finally breaks, the ramifications will be felt worldwide.


  1. Thanks, Chris.
    On my blog now is the backstory to the Penwinnard Stories - Bob's story.
    It is nowhere else - exclusive to my website.